Inspired in Kodiak Tailored Professional Design Built in Alaska

    Thirty Two/Thirteen Walk Around Plan
    Thirty Two/Thirteen Walk Around Plan

    Alaskan Aluminum Power Catamarans specializes in the design and building of aluminum, hydrofoil assist, outboard powered catamarans; producing a welded aluminum boat specifically designed for operating in our rugged Alaskan environment. Each of our boats is influenced by a lifetime Alaskan resident who has spent most of his life both commercially fishing and sport fish guiding around Kodiak. They are designed by an accomplished naval architect specializing in hydrofoil assist catamarans, and each boat is built here in Alaska by a team well versed in fabricating within Alaska’s Commercial Fishing and Sport Boating industry.

    The catamaran-style hull is well known for its stability, extra width, and fuel efficiency. However, the asymmetrical hulls on our boats recognize that the water inside a catamaran’s tunnel is different from the water displaced on the outboard sides of the boat when underway. This design helps to further improve on the catamaran idea; preparing for and mitigating chop entering the tunnel for a smoother ride at speed, as well as minimizing drag, increasing fuel efficiency, and range.

    Our hydrofoil further improves that catamaran concept and acts like an airplane wing securely fixed between the hulls, providing several inches of lift to the entire boat on plane. Lifting the boat reduces the wetted surface, thereby reducing drag, increasing fuel efficiency, speed, and range. Lifting the boat also increases the distance between the water’s surface and tunnel, further softening and improving the ride in chop. Our hydrofoils are designed and placed to maximize lift at practical cruising speeds and anticipate a variety of load conditions.

    Cabin and deck layout are easily customizable and easily tailored to suit your specific tastes and goals for your vessel. We are very happy to work with you and include our own personal experiences and suggestions as we help to create your ideal platform; whether you are a charter captain looking for a layout specific to your clients needs, a remote cabin owner interested in hauling material and supplies, or any normal Alaskan looking to take family and friends out for a day or week of fun. These decisions aren’t new to us and we enjoy helping tailor this technology to your application.